SUNDAY FEB 20th   12noon-5pm. 

In-Person or Online

In Reiki Level 1 experiential workshop, you will learn about the history of REIKI, and begin practicing using this amazing energy with yourself and others for relaxation and stress in the body. Reiki attunement itself heals physical level Dis-eases in the person who receives it. Your personal health often changes for the better in the months following initiation.

There are four empowerments (also called attunements) in Gendai Reiki Shoden / Reiki Level I, which assist in adjusting the body's vibration so that you can readily bring through the Reiki energy. In addition to learning about self-treatments and treating others, participants will learn Japanese exercises, techniques, and meditations for working with the Reiki energy.


Wether in person or online you will be taught how to use a hands-on practice so that all students feel secure with their own channeling of the energy to make sure they feel connected and confident with working with the energy for themselves and others.

During Level 1 Workshop you will:

• Receive Reiki Level 1 Attunement, basic hand positions, and hands on instruction

• Learn how to visualize the locations of the meridian and chakra energy system in the body

• Learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions for self healing and healing others

• Learn how to use Reiki as a healing and personal growth system

• Learn to create a healing business for yourself/work ethics

• Learn how to work with pets

• Receive Manual & all instructions to be a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner

• One Reiki Healing Share



SUNDAY FEBRUARY  27th, 2022  Idyllwild, Ca.

In-Person or Online


$333.00  *Lunch Included*

Deepen your Reiki practice and receive a Level 2 manual, sacred Reiju (attunement), and formal certification.

Topics include:

• Mental/Emotional symbol uses and healing techniques

• Distance healing symbol uses and techniques

• Quantum Healing

Reiki Level 2 will help treat:

• Addictions

• Habits

• Painful Memories

• Anxiety

• Grief

• Other emotional/mental concerns.

Other uses for Reiki 2:

• Reinforce Positive Change

• Self-Care

• Headaches

• Bad-vibes

• Improve Memory

• Balance the Chakras

The intensity of Reiki energy is exponentially increased for most people after level 2.

This course is highly recommended after Reiki 1. Prerequisite (Certification Reiki Level 1)

 Registration $333.00