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Male Lions

My Books

My first children's book - "Smokey the Lion" is set to be published and launched in January 2023.

SmokeyBookcover copy.jpg

"Smokey the Lion"

- Adventures of an Awakened Heart

This is a story about a lion who has abused his power in the jungle. Searching for meaning and love he learns how to open his heart during his travels through the other animals he meets along the way. Each one has wisdom to teach him and how to live in a community with compassion, harmony and love. 


A heart warming story for children and adults. 


Launching January 2023. 

SMOKEY's ADVENTURES have arrived.  

Thank you everyone who has patiently waited and would like to pre-order an autographed hard copy of my book

The last few years have been an adventure and actually visiting the GG Lion Conservation in South Africa last December was a dream come true and an experience I shall never forget. 

I am so grateful to those that supported me and believed in the unfolding of this book.  May we continue to believe in the Magic of our Dreams coming true and to help support the preservation of our lion kingdom.

Much Love,


PRICE - $25.99 

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