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My Story

Private Coaching
Women going through Change & Transition Coaching

If you are a woman that has been through or going through major life change,and looking to pick up the pieces to what fuels your passion and purpose in life, then keep reading.  How would you like to feel more at peace and balance in your personal and career, wake up every day with a renewed sense of self, youthfulness, and vitality, and tap into your creativity and joy.   


At 53, I  have been that woman, and through experience I can share with you my tools for starting over and living my passion and purpose, learn to love myself and value my self-worth, wake up with vitality and an overabundance of energy and to create a life worth living.

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After my divorce in 2004 and moved to California only to do what I had been doing most of my life.  I was in the health and wellness industry teaching at various gyms and studios. I was lost at who I was and was searching for deeper meaning in my life after my divorce.  I began soul searching and studied with various teachers and masters of yoga, pilates, energy healing and esoteric studies.  I was hungry to feel alive again, with a strong appetite for living because I knew my life’s purpose was pulling me towards something bigger.  I had to work on myself, and dig down deep into my soul, to get through what was holding me back and stuck in my life.  I had to relearn how to move through my resistance and unworthiness because I carried a lot of guilt and shame from my past. I had experienced divorce, bankruptcy, and relationships that kept showing me where I didn’t love myself enough.  I created relationships that only saw who I wanted them to see on the outside, and yet I was this little girl screaming for love on the inside.  I had to release, forgive, have compassion, heal my heart, body, and soul, so I could return back to love again, and become the empowered soulful woman I was meant to be. I had to remember what was forgotten but not lost.   

Since then I rediscovered my life’s purpose in healing and found my passion for helping others who are going through Change & Transition. I wrote my first book “Your Breath Heals” - 6 Simple Tools for Stress Reduction& Managing Pain -

and started my own healing gemstone jewelry line called “Jen's Gems”and “Jen's Gems 4 Furry Friends” for pets and now I am featured at various hotel resorts and spas.  I specialize in empowering women who feel at crossroads in their life and  help them find a new sense of vitality and self worth through my private coaching, workshops and retreats.  



My Approach

If you would like to work with me and get acquainted to see if our relationship would be a good fit, I am offering a 30 minute CLARITY call. Contact me to schedule an appointment.    

You will walk away with  tools how to:

• Feel more connected to your sacred feminine

• Ignite passion and renewed sense of vitality and youthfulness

• Open to unlimited possibilities and opportunities

• Feel more confident and embodied in your own skin

• Attract more love & peace in your life and relationships

• Tap into your creativity and unlimited abundance of the Universe

• Create from a place of allowing instead of pushing and forcing

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