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Crystal Sound Baths / Cacao & Breathwork Ceremonies
for your Private or Group Retreats


Relax and allow me to guide you into bliss and expanded state of consciousness. 


Beautiful addition to your wedding, bridesmaid gatherings, anniversary, birthday's and any special occasion.


Author of "Your Breath Heals" 6 Simple Tools for Stress Reduction or Managing Pain. 


Enjoy the benefits of Sound Healing:


  • Deepening Relaxation

  • Lowering Stress & Anxiety 

  • Improving mood and well-being

  • Improving sleep

  • Heightening focus and energy

  • A feeling of rejuvenation


Sacred Cacao Ceremony from Mayan and Aztec have been organizing cacao ceremonies for a hundred years.


Nowadays, conscious communities gain knowledge about this spiritual ritual and conduct cacao ceremonies around the world. The ceremony compliments the potential of cacao as a gateway to explore and touch the depth of our soul. Embracing such profoundness in your soul is a guide to create a finer healing ability and remembrance.


🫶 Book your Private Sound Immersion Today.

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