Online or in person Womb Initiation and Healing Sessions ~

When a woman comes to me for an Emotional Womb Healing session there is always an invocation prayer at the beginning to release, forgive, and reconnect to what was forgotten but not lost over time and space. You will be supported in a sacred and healing professional space so you will be able to   speak, feel, and transform.

A woman wont always know whom will show up in her womb space as I have seen past lovers, deceased family members, people throughout ones life, teachers, neighbors and much more.  

Part of this initiation is to bring more awareness and love to the deepest part of our embodied feminine wisdom. To reconnect and nurture sacred ground in which we create from wether that be a new home, relationship, baby, marriage, new projects and desires.

Every sexual relationship a woman has been in, has created an energetic imprint in her womb which can leave a woman feeling depleted, confused, irritable, restless, low self esteem and fragmented in her body mind, and soul. Possible loss in finances or unable to attract abundance in her life. Distorted realities and clarity of what she wants and is worthy of.

Consider a Womb Initiation like cleaning house. You cannot create and manifest from a from a place that is cluttered.

Through the process of your emotional womb healing I am here to help you awaken your feminine womb space and release the pain, trauma, and old patterns you are carrying, so you may come into your unique creative gifts, vitality, soul's purpose, and inner power.

Emotional Womb healing is for you if:

• Feeling depleted and overwhelmed

• Imbalanced menstrual cycles (physical and emotional)

• Physical illness in the womb

• Birth, infertility, and pregnancy loss (miscarriage and abortion)

• Sexual trauma

• Unhealthy relationship dynamics

• Ancestral lineage wounding

• Self-doubt and fear of being seen

• Repression of self-expression

• Taking on others (parents, lineage, cultural) ideals and dreams rather than living your own unique soul journey

Cost - $150.00


I work with pain, disease, trauma, addiction and stress in the body. Our bodies carry energetic imprints of past relationships, biographical memories, beliefs and suppressed emotions. This will show up as dis-ease, disconnect from ourselves, anger, sadness, pain, addiction, lack of intimacy and direction in ones life. I guide you in a safe space, as you relax and let go into a deep meditation utilizing the breath, guided imagery and sound.  Healing in the body, mind & spirit can often be intense but is freeing and expansive. I will do a mini card reading at the end for any inquiries you have for your session.

30 min - $125.00
45 min - $150.00
60 min - $175.00
75 min - $225.00