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By Appointment Only $90.00
My sessions are to integrate more flexibility, coordination, pain free, strong & balanced in body, mind, and spirit. A flexible body is a flexible mind. Learn to listen to your bodys intelligence and feel how to move with more grace and ease.


By Appointment Only $200.00 - I work with pain, disease, trauma, addiction and stress in the body. Our bodies carry energetic imprints of past relationships, biographical memories, beliefs and suppressed emotions. This will show up as dis-ease, disconnect from ourselves, anger, sadness, pain, addiction, lack of intimacy and direction in ones life. I guide you in a safe space, as you relax and let go into a deep meditation utilizing the breath, guided imagery and sound. Healing in the body, mind & spirit can often be intense but is freeing and expansive.


One month program ~ $1450.00
(3 install payments available)

• One customized workout video delivered to your inbox to guide you towards increased strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and living a pain free lifestyle.

• Weekly guided meditations sent to your inbox to experience peace and calm, restful sleep, inspiration and deeper connection.

• One 30 minute coaching call per week for check in, questions and inquiry.

• One guided clearing breathwork session per week for clarity, insight and overall sense of well being.

• These videos and recordings will be available for your personal use and to be continued even after your program.*

Private Womb Healing Wisdom Sessions

 Womb Wisdom Sessions supports women to rediscover and respect connection with the inner wisdom of their womb, and for women of all ages, including women who do not have a womb.


My sessions are to help restore and claim the power of your womb by releasing past relationships, sexual trauma, entities, pain, and karmic contracts.  When we have renewed and taken ownership back within the sacredness of our wombs we feel more connected, vibrant, creativity blooms, and relationships flourish.


In all phases of women's lives, it is the presence of the womb space energies, which has a capacity to provide deep intuitive wisdom, and to reconnect us with the earthed and watery energies of creativity, fluidity, nurture, and fertility that makes up this energy center. 

It is a means to realize freedom, and to encounter this power.

From personal experience of physical and emotional well being which lead to enhanced energy, creativity, relationships, and within the global and national framework to have a positive influence on all areas of human life.

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