"Hummingbird Yin" 4 Week Series 
June 7th-30th 
Regenerative Practices for Women.

As women we are not given a handbook on how to honor and nurture our Yin nature. This series is for women who have been feeling:

*burned out

* overly stressed

* lack of focus

* low libido

*painful periods and fibroids

*loss of direction & purpose 




Just know nothing has gone wrong. Through guided practice you will feel more youthful, connected, and alive. 

During your 4 week series you will learn how to cultivate more Joy, Creativity and Embodied Wisdom in your everyday life and relationships.


Regenerative practices to nurture and heal your Sacred Feminine from the inside out.

These are ancient practices and Self care rituals where you will be guided utilizing relaxing meditations, stretches and the breath that will call you back to your Feminine Power.


You will experience more -
*energy & vigor
*creativity in all areas of life
*respect for oneself if desired (boundaries)
*sex drive
*hormonal balance
*relief from painful periods & fibroid
*attract desired outcomes (abundance)
*lessen incontinence & dryness
*Confidence and Connection
*Sensual Pleasure

Series starts Tuesday June 7th at 8am, Wednesdays at 7pm, and Thursday at 8am.  55 minutes each class.

(All classes will be recorded and sent to inbox if missed.

Cost - $133.00

Please Register to jensavino@outlook.com for more details.