"Awaken Your Inner Feline"

Confidence, Courage, and Creativity


 "Awaken Your Inner Feline" is a space to honor your feminine divine and to feel more sensual and alive in your body.  A feel good movement practice that not only strengthens and tones, but honors every part of your curves with beauty and reverence.


Connect to your feminine energy with play and curiosity, as you awaken, honor, and recognize this living presence of the goddess in everyday reality.

"Awaken Your Inner Feline"  is a unique and harmonious blend of dance sensual fusion, breath, and pilates to develop awareness and understanding of body, mind and emotions. Gently opening the pranic current (life force), the body and mind are able to surrender and merge with the intelligent, creative flow of your feminine divine-giving, awakening, and re-discovering.

5 week Series

Tues & Thursday


*1 Private Wisdom Guidance Session



"Awakening Your Inner Feline"

Divine Guidance 5 week series package.

Starts July 14th thru August 13th

This is not another program, this is to de-program all the ways women have lost their way through the wisdom of the body and connection to your feminine divine.


*1-on-1 Private Mentor Sessions

*10 Live online classes

*Access to Private YouTube Channel and

lifetime classes for  toning, strengthening, and

weight loss.

*"More Pleasure for your Treasure" in and out of the bedroom video.

(Strengthen your pelvic floor, Awaken your pleasure)

*1 x week meditations for clearing and connection

*Handmade Crystal Mala made from "Jens Designs"



*Because of the container I hold only 6 women per series*

By Interview Only

"Remembering what was lost but not forgotten"