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 Elemental Flow

Welcome to 2021 “Elemental Flow” & Jens Designs Alchemy Ceremonial Boxes

How would you like to join me for the next 12 months for an Alchemy Full Moon Ritual to access your Power, Magic, and Creativity. Each month you will receive a Surprise Ceremonial Box custom made by “Jens Designs”, crystals and the elements of ritual.
Included, you will be invited and guided through an Online Monthly Full Moon Ceremony to access the magician within as we work with specific goddesses, crystal grids, and wisdom divination tools. Not to worry if you miss the ceremony, each one will be recorded and sent to you. My intention is to deliver everything you need for your Creation Flow Ceremony as we work with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and create a sacred space for you to manifest your Dreams and Desires for 2021.

Between the 15-20 th of every month, your Alchemy Ritual Box will be sent, plus you can choose additional tools to add to your Magic Alchemy Ritual if you so desire.

As a BONUS, you are invited to join my private FB Page, where you will have access to my FREE Online “New Moon” Ceremony as we build upon the groups momentum and moon energy supporting your alchemy process.

Are you ready to have some FUN and access your MANIFESTATION MUSE?

Lets Go!!!!

12 Months Auto Pay each month - $77.00 (includes shipping)

Pay Monthly - $88.00 (includes shipping)

One time payment for 12 months - $792.00 (includes shipping)

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